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 New Members !!please read!!

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New Members !!please read!! Empty
PostSubject: New Members !!please read!!   New Members !!please read!! I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 18, 2009 1:45 pm

First of all welcome to PubstarZ!

You made it through our application process and are ready to be introduced with your new clanmates, lieutenants and the almighty KyPanda.

List of Leadership
* Leader of PubstarZ

Lieutenant, Forum Admin, Ventrilo Admin
* DarkSouljur
* eVolution[X]
* McK
* MonsterInc
* TheGreed
* ShadowVille-
* Infinite
* TheWarZone

Lieutenant, Ventrilo Admin
* Tracer01
* Paintkilla
* [T]ANK

Ventrilo Admin
* TheEvan

You can whisper the above people ingame, on ventrilo or here on the forum for any help on getting your ventrilo set up, review replays of suspicious players, complaints or anything else. We are here to help and be a middle(wo)man in anything clan related and also non-clan related.

Let everyone know
To help you blend in with the community of PubstarZ I advise you:
- To introduce yourself here.
- To show some pictures of yourself here.

To help you on your way with ventrilo here is a step by step guide.

1. Download Ventrilo for free: Ventrilo Download. Click the link that matches your operating system (the most common is the top link)
2. Install Ventrilo, the install wizard will guide you through the installation process
3. Open Ventrilo and click the arrow next to username as seen on picture 1
Picture 1
New Members !!please read!! Make%20new%20user
4. Click New and input your ingame username here (for easy recognition of who you are)
Picture 2
New Members !!please read!! Make%20new%20user%202
5. Click the arrow next to Server as seen on Picture 3
Picture 3
New Members !!please read!! Connect%20to%20server
6. Click New and for your convenience, type in PubstarZ
Picture 4
New Members !!please read!! Connect%20to%20server%202
7. Input the information as seen on Picture 5, for the password contact any of the Leaders in the above list
Picture 5
New Members !!please read!! Connect%20to%20server%203
8. Click Connect and welcome to our Ventrilo Server.

Rules and Regulations
We have a few rules we want everyone to live by to not have total chaos and a mutual understanding between every single member, read these rules HERE

Final Word
Once you're all set on ventrilo and have read the rules all there remains is wishing a very fun and enjoyable experience in PubstarZ. Have a talk with your fellow clanmates and play with each other, we're an informal clan so profit from that. Once again, Enjoy!

Thanks to Kylla for the ventrilo guide, i added some images for even easier understanding
Thanks to Paintkilla for a short post on the general rules
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New Members !!please read!!
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