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 You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D

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You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D Empty
PostSubject: You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D   You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D I_icon_minitimeSat May 01, 2010 10:32 am

Good Day. Very Happy

My name is Kylla and I am the current leader of Pubstarz. Let me start by saying welcome. I hope you are enjoying the time in the clan and the people in it. So here's what we expect.

1. Play. You have been accepted to play the game for your team or what I like to call your family. Currently we are in a point’s crunch so our weekly points requirement is 30 points. That being said, as a new member you want to give the best impression possible, So try to earn the most points you can. 1 clan point is equal to 500 xp in game. The max points you can get is 10 per day. so if your like me usually your clan points are taken care of in the first three days. We also need you to make sure you sign on every couple of days and play a game or two. If you cannot be on for let’s say finals or vacation send a Pm to myself or the lts. You can even post it on the forums.

2. Respect. We try to make sure this is a healthy playing environment. So that everyone gets along. If you do not like someone... do not bring it to clan chat. Yes I have done that before but it did start drama. And when I get angry I get very angry. Anyway. Treat others here the way you want to be treated. As said before we are a family and we try to keep the panda love up.

3. Hacking. Hacking is not tolerated in this clan. If you hack and we find out you are kicked and reported. That being said if you think one of our members hacks, send myself a pm with the replay, and I will watch it thoroughly. Heck I even take notes. I will share these with you and if you are not satisfied with my conclusion 99% of the time I send the replays to one of my Mod friends.

4. Farming. We do not do it. We like being a legit top clan. If you are caught farming your stay will be terminated. Please do not make me mean or make me kick your happy little tail out for killing bots.

5. Glitching. This is really simple. If you and your buddies want to glitch… please glitch in a locked room. DO NOT GLITCH in a public room. Glitching is breaking the rules set in crossfire and can result in a 5 day ban. So please… do not glitch in pubs or scrims.

6. Ventrilo. Vent is used to communicate back and forth. We use it to give strats and enemy positions through out our scrim. We also use it just when we are hanging out playing pubs. Vent is encouraged. You might say… Kylla I do not have a mic. Well you still can come join us and type in clan chat what you want to convey about the convo.

7. QQ in public. We all know that some people in this game hack. Make sure not to sit there and QQ in game about them hacking. Save the replay… take a screen shot of you being in that game and report them. Do not sit there and call them a hacker through the game. Also where people are playing like noobs… do not bash the noob. We try to hold the standard a little higher. That being said, you can bash them all you like in clan chat or on vent. If you need any help in the process of reporting please ask.

8. Enjoy your stay. We are here to have fun and bring the clan up a notch. The Clan is our family and we respect it as such. If you are having trouble on certain maps or modes… ask someone who is good at that map or mode. For instance we have a lot of good gm players… if you want to get better… ask them.

I hope this helps… I really hope you enjoy your time as a Pubstar. *hugs and panda love*

You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D KyllaPanda
Thank you my Rayne Very Happy

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You're new... here is what is expected for your trail week :D
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