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 All Pubstarz Must Read

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PostSubject: All Pubstarz Must Read   All Pubstarz Must Read I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 20, 2009 12:14 pm

Kylla, the luitenants and I were looking through each clan member and we noticed some fishyness in the clan. We noticed there have been some possible farmers in this clan. Seeing how they were a few ranks back a week or so ago and now became a higher level rank in such a short period of time that only tells us one thing. They may be a farmer.
We have kicked the users that were suspected famrers. This clan isnt the place for farmers. So please dont farm. If you want to farm leave pubstarz and farm somewhere else because this since this isnt the place for you.


Vent is a MUST in this clan if you are willing to scrim. For those new members joining this clan should know that is a rule in our clan but if you dont you should know now. I myelf have kicked multiple members for scrimming without vent. If you get asked more then one time and still dont get ventrilo you will be kicked. Whether its from Kylla, MonsterInc., Shadow or me. This is a clan rule and must be followed by all users. It doesnt matter if you have a mic or not you are still being asked to use vent while scrimming. All our vent info is on our website.


Scrimming. While in scrims I've noticed yes we came accross some hackers in some clans. Even though they may hack Please DO NOT say anything to them in open chat. This not only gives you a bad reputation but it also gives our clan a bad reputation. If you have something to say keep it to your self. If you think they hack review the replay. If you are 100% sure they hack either post the replay on my found a hacker thread or go to the CF forums and report the replay to [GM]Saidin.


Fustration with Other members. Some members in our clan do not like other members. If this is your case then ignore the member. This isnt the place to be yelling at somone or making fun of them for any reason. If you have comments keep it to yourself.

Sorry for my back English I havent been in school for a couple months LOL.[justify]
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All Pubstarz Must Read
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